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Last summer, he wrote about an approach to “Keep bonsai dry in summer,” filling trays with gravel and planting of trees at the top. Knowing how much they appreciate the extra water glycine, I put a dwarf wisteria on a tray and was happy to find that the tree grew well throughout the season. When I finally got to the removal of tree leaves and remove from the tray, I was surprised to find some additional roots.

Dwarf wisteria

dwarf glycine (Millettia) in the water tray


The roots that had grown into the lava

These roots bonus show that not only make wisteria like water, but this wisteria, in particular, could use a big pot to accelerate the development process.

Many roots

A large pot is the end

will remove the additional roots before transplanting and select a more appropriate pot for next year. If I was happy with the trunk of the way it is, I would keep the tree in a small pot, but as I would like the tree to grow bigger, I’ll give more room to move.

Bay Island Bonsai exhibitions this weekend!

If you are anywhere near northern California and have a desire to learn about the culture and display of bonsai, I invite you to attend exhibitions 14 edition of Bay Island Bonsai Lake Merritt Center at 666 Bellevue Ave garden in Oakland, California (show open 10: 00-4: 00 Saturday and Sunday). Around 75 trees will be on display at the garden center and the nearby Golden State Bonsai Federation Collection North will be open to the public. Admission is free for both events. Saturday at 01:00 has an auction of bonsai and plant sales will continue throughout the weekend. Hope to see you there!

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