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Wisteria in bloom! And the proof …

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Following up on the recent post on wisteria growth, this is one in my backyard that is putting a great show. It is a Chinese wisteria, and the picture is from last week. When I returned from the convention in Texas over the weekend it was almost finished flowering. Nuts!

The boat was a prototype one I did for a few years in the latter part of my career potting. It is difficult to use, actually. Now that I think of it, I’ve done a lot of boats used just like around the periphery of my usual work, exploring the limits of the containers. Very few trees would work on it, and this glycine is not really one of them. But it was the closest I had the right size and height. The shape is a bit too strong for glycine, and the color does not really support the tree either. With having said all this probably should not post this! But the flowers are nice, huh? Ignore the pot … enjoy the flowers!

So … have admitted the problems here go to a challenge: What pot he work here? Give it a thought, and send me some pot pictures to my email (please, keep them well small, no more than 500 kb) and I will post them and we will review your ideas!

Although the boat is not good for this Chinese wisteria, tried to make it fun turning the square shape of 45 degrees so that a front edge face.

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Wisteria in bloom! And the proof …

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