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Meeting watering this time of year to be challenging. Yesterday only about 6 of my trees need water – others were fine. Before and after work it is night. This morning, the hose is frozen and no water would come out.

Soft spray

irrigation in spring – how nice

In colder areas, trees are moving in the areas of winter storage and faces higher amounts of snow. Whatever weather, cold or dormant season poses challenges to the health of the tree. If no water trees selectively me, over or under watering trees will emphasize and facilitate the growth of fungus or pests – problems that are difficult to approach in winter for trees that are semi-dormant. Insects are a particular problem where I live because it does not get enough cold to deter pests such as scale of pine needles. Although autumn is a good time to perform many tasks bonsai, tree health is first.

What to do? Good question. Often spray insecticides in autumn or winter to get ahead of pests that can take over quickly in spring. When I plan ahead, I give my trees a dose of systemic pesticides towards the end of the growing season to inoculate through winter and early spring. When watering, I try to identify trends related to trees which dry quickly and they dry slowly. Even if the sizes and varieties as are not grouped together in the garden, knowing they need more water it helps me stay on top of the task.

A pine tree in my garden especially was thirsty almost every day this month – possibly a sign that you need transplantation. If the soil is broken over several years, the drain can reject what is more difficult to trees provide an adequate dose of water. A quick test stick can help determine whether or not a tree needs Repotting (if the toothpick comes out easily, the tree is less likely to need transplant).

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If I’m not around the garden during daylight hours, sometimes I will dig into the ground a little ways in the dark and feel how moist soil. I also relied on the help of friends and neighbors when I need help with irrigation.

Good protection against many of these challenges is soji – removal of topsoil to promote good drainage (see “Summer soji”). One of the best advantages of this is simply interacting with trees that otherwise would not need to work at this time of year. From these trees off the bench for a few minutes and look over them can reveal nascent infestations and make it clear whether or not a tree is thirsty. When the work is done, it is much easier to measure the drainage can help determine whether or not transplant the spring is in order. Soji can also help with weeds and make the garden look tidy.

winter is still one of my favorite seasons because bonsai trees prepared for the exhibition of this time of year can look fantastic. I have found that it is not, however, once much need of a break from the basic maintenance activities.

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