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Where to place your outdoor bonsai?

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outdoor bonsai, wher to put it?

Where to place your outdoor bonsai? – Beauty and the flowering of your outdoor bonsai are closely linked to where it will stay. Learn where to place your outdoor bonsai and make it to be as healthy as possible.

What is an outdoor bonsai?

The vast majority of plants that are used for the art of bonsai are trees and they grow better outdoors and need to be in direct contact with the elements of nature. Thus, an outdoor bonsai cannot live indoors, with few exceptions, during the winter months. The longer the bonsai stand outside their natural outdoor environment will be more catastrophic consequences for the plant.

Where to place the outside bonsai

The most suitable locations for the placement of an outdoor bonsai are: a balcony, terrace or patio and the most important is that the location chosen must be framed in an environment with lots of light. However, the fact of being in an environment with lots of light does not necessarily mean that the sun’s rays are focused directly on the bonsai.

Aspects to take into account when placing an outdoor bonsai

There are various types of bonsai and the place where the outside bonsai should stay varies from species to species. In general there are some aspects to consider in the proper placement of an outer bonsai. They are:

A Collection of sunlight is essential for the development and flowering of a plant, however, should note that the period of solar uptake varies with the season. So during the winter months, an outdoor bonsai must be protected from the possible formation of ice and frost and sun exposure can occur throughout the day. Conversely, in the summer months, a bonsai should be exposed to the sun over a period of four to five hours a day and must do so in the morning or late afternoon. By early afternoon, the bonsai should stay in the shade, because this time the sun’s strongest ultraviolet rays and can burn their leaves.

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The placement of outdoor bonsai should be done in a location that meets the relative humidity. The high and the low humidity prevent the development of the leaves of the bonsai and make it becomes luscious and spoiled. Keep in mind the degree of humidity of the air and also do a careful watering your bonsai to prevent this from happening.

One of the best places for an outdoor bonsai is one that has good air circulation. It is not necessary to be a wasteland, but it is important that there are no barriers to the passage of air. However, in most cold months, when the winds are stronger, the outside bonsai should be as protected as possible.

An outdoor bonsai must be situated in a location that is close and easy access. To be close to each other, the basic maintenance activities like pruning a bonsai, alight and put fertilizers and insecticides are secured and your bonsai will present themselves healthier than ever.

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Where to place your outdoor bonsai?

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