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Where should you go the apex?

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Some years ago I drastically shortened black pine trunk below to create a small bonsai size.

Shohin black pine

shohin black pine

drove me to grow the apex of a branch pointing forward. As a result, the vertex was not centered near the base of the trunk. I thought this was fine since I’ve seen a number of pines with apexes lean forward (see examples in the area of ​​2012 Gomangoku exhibition and sales). That said, there seems to be a limit. Akio Kondo said during his recent criticism in the August meeting Bay Island Bonsai, the apex of this pine was too far forward. To remedy this, it is recommended to raise the front shaft about an inch and pruning the branches of the foreground. It also recommended making the tree more compact.

Shohin black pine - front

pine Black – the branches are long in relation to the trunk

Shohin black pine - right side

Side view

Shohin black pine - front raised

inclination tree bears the apex closer to the center of the tree

Shohin black pine - with front raised

View from the front with the front inclined upwards – is clear from this view that the wiring will be necessary to set

Kondo recommends locating the apex just in front of the base of the trunk. I intend to tilt the tree when transplant this winter.

In the same criticism, Kondo suggested changing the angle of the Sierra juniper below.

Sierra juniper

Sierra juniper

seems to have had the opportunity to do the job. Here is the tree after the initial hairstyle – what difference

Sierra juniper after initial styling

After an initial style (photo Boon Manakitivipart)

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Where should you go the apex?

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