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Where should we put the bonsai?

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Where should we put the bonsai tree – Although small, the bonsai trees are as large as. If we understand this well, it will not be difficult for us to understand where we have to put. Bonsai have to live where they receive sun and air, where they can receive with joy the rain and especially where moisture reaches them good night. A terrace, a balcony, a garden or just a window, will be the ideal place to put the bonsai.

Where should we put the bonsai

Naturally, the high temperatures and the strong summer sun or winter frosts can affect them. When you get these extreme temperatures, Bonsai thank that we protect them. But once you have passed the point of danger, we must reinsert the trees in their place, where they live comfortably.

How to protect trees from the summer heat?
The trees draw water from the ground with the roots and lead in the trunk and branches to the leaves. The leaves evaporate a large amount of water. If the weather is dry and hot, the leaves also evaporate more water, such as dry much faster extended in the days of sun and wind machine.

Although not fail to water them if the heat is too strong, it may happen that the leaves reach evaporate more water than what comes to them by the roots. If it comes to it, we may have burns on the tips of the leaves, especially in large tender leaves and trees. To prevent this from happening, we must protect the bonsai of wind and sun, leaving them just a half shade of a tree or larger plant.

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Protection from frost
when winter comes, the temperatures drop. Bonsai decrease their activity and prepare to withstand the cold. If the temperature is not extremely low, although the reaches freezing overnight, most of our trees require no protection. This does not happen with Bonsai tropical species, called the interior, which, even if not gel, cannot withstand low temperatures. These trees of tropical origin shall be protected from the cold by putting them where frosts do not arrive in a greenhouse or indoors.

How to put the bonsai indoors
there are indoor plants with enabling conditions for its cultivation. Bonsai are not an exception to this rule. As we have seen, whenever possible, the bonsai should be positioned appropriately abroad. This does not preclude that they may live, even during long periods inside the houses.

However, inside the house there are usually no adequate conditions for the development of a tree. Lack light and moisture, which limits the lifetime of bonsai. The adaptation of a bonsai within a home will depend on whether they meet local conditions of light and moisture.

In terms of light, ideal for placing a bonsai indoors, place is always very close to a large, well-lit window (no curtains). The maximum distance of the window should be approximately five feet.

As for humidity, the atmosphere of the houses is of a general, way too dry for proper development of the trees. 0 best places to have your bonsai indoors is a cool room, and we put them away from heating appliances, fireplaces or electrical appliances that home detaching heat, as the TV.
Species that are best adapted to the interior

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Overall Bonsai tropical species (Ficus, Sageretia, Serissa, Carmona, etc.) resist better indoor conditions. At the other extreme, conifers and deciduous trees (pine, juniper, beech, etc.) resist or not resist evil indoor conditions.

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Where should we put the bonsai?

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