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When the sun gets too hot …

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There are several ways to help our bonsai deal with the sun and not literally cook in our banks in the summer. They are in pots, but that does not mean we want a special dish frying root in a soil sauce …

Because bonsai are in pots, they are very unlike trees on the floor. We want to reduce any similarity to a dog in a car on a hot day.


Fry your bonsai can no cooking oil …

There are two situations … A cooler climate, with rare peaks in the temperature at 100 ° F / 38 C or higher which could last a few days, and then there are the hot spots of summer are always so high:

sudden, rare peaks in climates more cold: Just temporarily move their trees. Do not take them inside, but on the ground is a good start, perhaps under the benches, clear tone. Try to avoid full shade. They place them close together, but still retains the ease of irrigation. The plants near other plants cool each other with perspiration. Placing in bonsai grass will be much cooler than on a sidewalk.

hot climate zones: These areas need modification site. An awning over your growing area is a great option, reducing the ambient and radiant heat. Try 30% awning for general use. Plant more vegetation around the banks, and reduce gravel or concrete areas. Put nebulizer / vaporizers use very little water to cool off during the heat of the day. Another option, less attractive, but very effective is the protection of individual pots, either with towels or foil. Yet another is the same protection against the weather so cold, sinking their vessels in the bark or gravel. Gravel keeps the heat, however, so the bark or the like is better protection and are less likely to damage pots. Simply turning their trees to protect the lower branches afternoon pot can be significant. Please note that any modification site is much more effective than individual pots shielding.

In (very general!) Overall, Conifers be more resistant to the effects of heat. Most conifer bonsai are happy to 90 F. Most deciduous will do fine to 80 F. If you are consistently much higher than that, then you need modification site.

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The advantages of any heat reduction are:

  • needs moisture bonsai greatly diminish
  • foliage remains under better conditions
  • less damage to the roots
  • Bonsai show less stress

the most important thing is not to ignore periods of heat! Ala in action … You can put your tree back as much as if he had been the host of a pest or disease very successful.

Especially those who live in areas that are currently viewing water restrictions, reducing their water needs could be very important if you have a lot of plants to care for. Protection from intense sun bonsai can make a big difference in the health and ability of the tree to avoid other stressful situations. Trees can generally handle a tension, but the multiple pressures are ugly. Bonsai already have one … they are in a pot!

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When the sun gets too hot …

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