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When taking off Japanese maple leaves in the fall?

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This is a question tangly … not the best for the tree, and there is what we might want to do because leaves fall are pretty good.

For Japanese maple, fall color is often the most striking in the courtyard. We want to see for a while. But if we wait until the leaves dry up and fall off, we will not be able to do any pruning fall canopy. The reason is that the tree will bleed for a long time if we cut after the leaves have fallen naturally. For most Japanese maples time window after the fall of the blade can safely prune is less than a week, much less than the 10 days often reported.

There are two solutions to this … take leaves when at the height of color or just after, and make a careful fall session shortening immediately, or wait until spring to do this pruning. The first option reduces the time you get to see your tree in full color, the second will offer a tree possibly harder time looking for winter silhouette. Perhaps the solution is to ask yourself if you are a person of color or a person so … anyway, it is a decision partly based on the needs of the tree, in part based on the art of bonsai, and part of personal preference. (And if you like to keep a tidy yard, pulling leaves out greatly reduce picking leaves of the plant).

One final point. If the leaves are removed when they are still green tree loses resources. In the fall of chlorophyll decomposes to save acids and amino nitrogen, which is then brought back into the tree before leaf abscission. This helps strengthen the tree, although winter. (Anyone still convinced of the pattern of 0-10-10 fertilizer in the fall of temperate trees person should give this a long think …)

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Taking the leaves of a Japanese maple in October. My mother was visiting and wanted to do something in the yard bonsai, so he suggested this pleasant task.

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When taking off Japanese maple leaves in the fall?

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