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When should you fertilize your bonsai? find out here

When should you fertilize your bonsai?-To make your bonsai kept in shape and to grow in a healthy and natural way, it must be fertilized at the correct height and the most suitable fertilizer. Learn when and how to fertilize your bonsai and get a real piece of natural art.

should you fertilize your bonsai?

The importance of fertilizing soils

The soil composition is one of the most important for the healthy development of a tree and bonsai are no exception aspects. In this sense, fertilization and soil fertilization of a bonsai is a mandatory activity, it is a way to reset the elements on earth that consumes bonsai. To fertilize the soil, should consider some techniques for ensuring a healthy bonsai:

  • The roots are the support and the food source of a bonsai and, as such, should be well nourished, oxygenated and humid;
  • A good mix of compost in soil fertility and optimizes the collection of nutrients;
  • When the earth is fertilized drainage of excess water is easier to be done and this prevents root rot;
  • The balance between the capacity of the vessel and the state of development of the plant requires the maintenance and periodic renewal of the soil;
  • The frequency of fertilization of a plant depends on the type of bonsai and depends on the soil condition. The trees require three basic nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In addition to these, it is also important calcium, iron and magnesium. These can be found in chemical or organic fertilizers.

When to fertilize your bonsai

Generally fertilize a bonsai should be done in early spring and late summer / early fall, since it is at these times that a plant grows. Moreover, these are the two most important weather seasons throughout the year for plants. The essential aspects for proper fertilizing bonsai are:

  • In early spring, a bonsai should fertilize every week with the aid of liquid fertilizers. In the fall, it is necessary to use solid fertilizer for the soil to be enriched and that bonsai can survive the winter;
  • Whether you are a bonsai indoor or outdoor, before putting fertilizer on earth should always water your bonsai. Because if you do not, the soil is dry and this complicates the collection and absorption of nutrients;
  • During the months of plant growth, especially in March / April and in September / October, fertilization period should be extended to thirty days, to avoid overgrowth of the plant;
  • The caregiver should not fertilize a bonsai during the winter season, even during periods of extreme heat of summer;
  • After the transplant vessel must wait a minimum of three to four weeks to get back to fertilize the soil of a bonsai;
  • Never fertilize a bonsai when it presents luscious leaves or has a sick look.
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Types of fertilizer for your bonsai

There are several types of fertilizers in order to properly fertilize a soil and to acquire the most appropriate, shall move to a drugstore or gardening store. So, in case if you’re dealing with their first bonsai, can ask for help and advice from expert technicians. Of the various types of products that feed a bonsai, we highlight the following:

Rooting hormones:
These hormones allow the plant develops his roots in a more solid and consistent. The powder hormones are known to be the most effective.

The liquid fertilizer:
a liquid fertilizer is a product that dissolves in water and is applied at the time of watering of the bonsai . It is a product that acts quickly; it is very clean and easy to use. It is fertilizer which is most frequently used.

Solid fertilizers:
A solid fertilizer is a fertilizer that is placed directly in the soil of a bonsai and is applied uniformly, without being in contact with the tree trunk. It is a fertilizer that ensures a long-lasting effect, does not burn the plants and improves soil quality bonsai.

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When should you fertilize your bonsai? find out here

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