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Depending on our approach, we can decandle all new buds of a tree in a single day or extend the process over several weeks (more on that forward). This time period is defined mainly by the weather.


Generally, decandle earlier in cold and warm climates later climates. Below is a rough guide Super climates when we can start decandling in different parts of the US .:

  • (Seattle, Pacifica) is provided – In late May
  • moderate climates (San Francisco Bay Area) – early June
  • warm climates (Los Angeles, much of the Midwest) – in mid to late June
  • hot climates (much of the South) – early to mid-July

If you are not sure where to start, seek the help of an enthusiastic bonsai with experience in your area and, if possible, ask to see their trees to get an idea of ​​how they respond to decandling pines in your area.

Size Tree

The decision of when decandle also depends on the size of the tree. The longer summer outbreaks have to develop new longer needles will become. In other words, if decandle on the early side, new shoots will have more time to develop than the shoots decandled few weeks later. Let us pause for a moment ….

Sea of pine candles

Black pine foliage

In general, we try to encourage large needles in large trees and small needles into small trees. very small needles in a large pine look out of place – more like a white pine, in effect – and could make us wonder about the health of the tree. Large tree needles in a small pad definition are rebellious and obscure branch. The development of the needles in proportion to the overall size of the tree tends to produce pleasing results.

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By decandling large trees decandling early season, summer shoots give enough time to properly develop long needles time. For small trees decandling later in decandling season, summer shoots give less time to develop, thus producing shorter needles. Let us pause for a moment again ….

Still with me?

If so, great – you just internalized one of the most important aspects of decandling. It may seem picky to make as small as a few weeks here or there distinctions, but pines respond well to these subtle adjustments, and it is with these subtleties that some of the most beautiful bonsai pine have been created, and for which some of the best pines of the future will be created.

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When decandle

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