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What you should know about Granada Bonsai care

What you should know about caring for Bonsai Granada

the Granada is one of the most popular for growing bonsai options. Its leaves are shiny and clear narrow oblong shape while its red flowers are stunningly beautiful. What makes the Granada quite easy to grow bonsai it is the fact that resists drought and harsh climates. However, its roots should never be kept too wet for a long time, because this situation can lead to root decay due to fungal infestation. From the tree Granada is a hardy species that is able to withstand moderate frost, provided the temperature is not lower than 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Location and placement

A suitable place to put your Granada bonsai is in a sunny area, preferring to be exposed in a place that receives full sun during the warmer months. During the winter, you can take it inside, as long as access to full light as the windowsill or your yard is achieved. Despite its leaves can tolerate temperatures below 14 degrees F, its roots lack the ability to withstand cold weather. Therefore, do not like the cold temperature, so it is best to keep it indoors in winter.

What You Should Know about Caring for Your Pomegranate Bonsai

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irrigation requirements

as with any bonsai plant, the Granada is kept in a small pot, so you can expect from your water supply to run with ease. However, the soil can dry out a lot faster than any other plant in larger pots or those planted in the ground pace, however, proper watering techniques yet to be applied. You need to find a balance between sufficient irrigation water, too, as this is very important for the life and health of your bonsai. It is important to water the plant thoroughly while maintaining its still not soggy wet condition.

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During the winter, reduce the number of times a week to water the bonsai. You can also consider lower holes allow the pot to become wet by submerging the entire pot in a tub with water (about 1 to 2 inches deep). Your Granada can also even get better benefits, spraying on a weekly basis.


is beneficial for the health of your bonsai tree if fertilizers are applied as essential nutrients in the soil are washed easily each once water your plant. The right to feed its pomegranate is during the first part of the spring, or when new growths have been observed at the plant. You can use an organic liquid fertilizer, plant food or all-purpose using half-strength. Apply fertilizer every two weeks from spring to autumn.

However, you should never fertilize your plant for at least three months after replanted or when you notice that your plant is weak. If you want to promote even better benefits for the growth of your plant, you can add organic vegetable foods pulverized, which is best applied during the middle of spring.

The pruning and wiring

To ensure the quality of the foliage, you may consider tweaking to new place and tender shoots, including first or even the third pair of leaves. For more outbreaks, simply allow these growths that branch in a longer length before cutting them over time. You may also notice an effect dieback that will have some impact on the overall design of the tree.

Regarding the electrical installation, use the thinnest thread may be able to keep the branches in your preferred position. Make sure the wind the wire in the direction where the branch is bent to prevent the cable loose. Never wrap the branches too tight to avoid scarring, and always begin in the bonsai all the way up the trunk of anchorage. Then do the same with the other branches you want to train while being very careful not to damage the trunk and branches.

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What you should know about Granada Bonsai care

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