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What kind of bonsai fertilizer used?

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hear the question a lot – “What kind of fertilizer do you use?” The answer is a moving target. So far I have used various combinations of six different fertilizer this year.

My go to fertilizer will remain cottonseed meal and fish emulsion. They are affordable and keep my healthy trees. It’s not the cleanest or smell very good solution, but overall the approach works well for me.

cottonseed meal

I am also using limited two fertilizer amounts I used before: Dr. granules Earth Life – Another organic option – and Miracle gro. I tend to prefer organic fertilizers inorganic, but I know that people do not always have options and I have a good idea of ​​how different fertilizers can work for my trees.

dissolved pellets life of Dr. Earth

I am currently experimenting with two additional fertilizers. The first is of great cakes – hand-made balls NPK fertilizer with a rating of 4.8-4.8-4.8. Ingredients are lucerne meal zinc sulfate with a variety of plants and animals, both based nutrients. I received a sample for testing purposes and hope to learn more.

Sumo Cakes

The second subscription’m experimenting with is Japan – pellets Tosho brand Omakase, also known as Out of Office (Toilet organic fertilizer ). As the name suggests Outside the office, one of his main good points is that the fertilizer does not have a strong smell – The idea is that insects and animals are less likely to take interest in it and eat or not steal away of our trees.

pellets Omakase

I used this fertilizer before, but I had trouble finding it, so I brought some from Japan (see Omakase for details ). I’m very curious to see how the bonsai like him.

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Regarding how to apply fertilizer, using liquid through a sprinkler, apply solid fertilizer directly to the soil, and use tea bags filled with different fertilizers. Each has its good and bad points. I love using liquid fertilizers – which are easy to dilute and fast action -. But feeding a large collection with a watering can take a long time

I love the simplicity of dumping piles of dry fertilizer directly on the soil surface, but this may have adverse effects on drainage and untidy.

Nothing is faster than the application – or cleaning – bags full of fertilizer, and nothing is slower than fill them. Not everyone thinks you look good either. But what I like about them is that it is easy to see at a glance the amount of food that the tree is getting.

The bags full of organic fertilizer

Almost all the trees of the garden has some sort of dry fertilizer on it – many have two or more – and almost all trees liquid fertilizer gets one to four times a month. I like when the trees get different fertilizer because it is a good way to spread the benefits each offers fertilizers.

Tea bags full of balls Dr. Earth life – cottonseed meal mound in the foreground

Dango – pellets – Omakase and tea bag filled with cottonseed meal

and so continue the experiments. I hope to learn some things about bonsai fertilizer this summer, and to find new fertilizer to experience next year.

A teabag located between the exposed roots

hesitate to share your favorite free below.

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What kind of bonsai fertilizer used?

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