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There is much to say about decandling bonsai pine. There are many methods for decandling because they are not professional bonsai, and many of these approaches have merit. As we move into the season decandling this year, I would like to make some comments on the subject in the simplest way possible.

My starting point for this information is of many years of study with Boon Manakitivipart, occasional visits and discussions with professionals of Japanese bonsai, including Daisaku Nomoto, Akio Kondo and Junichiro Tanaka, and some notes John Kirby. Connecting the various approaches used by this group are a few points in common, and it is with these threads I’ll start.

A definition

Decandling refers to a set of cultivation techniques that focus on eliminating spring growth red or black pines to stimulate a second wave of growth in summer.

Decandling Japanese black pine

Removing a spring session of a Japanese black pine – the main act of decandling

The term usually refers to more than the simple act of eliminating candles spring as the time of practice and various techniques related to the care after having a great effect on the results of practice.

The decandling is not

The following techniques are similar to decandling that focus on improving balance and vigor bonsai pine, but remain outside the practices commonly known by the term “decandling.”

  1. cut, break or remove spring growth before spring needles emerge. A technique to balance the force of bonsai pine involves reducing spring candles as they are elongating. These techniques produce very different results decandling and will be considered separately.
  2. The removal of part, but not all, of spring session. Decandling involves complete removal of spring buds given. Reduce growth by spring or some other percentage it can be used to treat force in bonsai pine, but produces different results decandling.
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A note on the term “decandling”

As spring growth develops in red and black pines, emerging outbreaks can be said to resemble candles. As used here, however, the term refers to decandling removing spring buds having arisen new needles. I do not know how the term “decandling” became associated with the elimination of growth after the session no longer resemble the sails, but I’m reluctant to introduce a new term as the community in which I participate uses the term consistently and decandling successfully.

The Japanese phrase for decandling is me-kiri, “budget” or “pull cut” (or 芽 切 り め き り, if you were curious). The next step – why decandle


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What is decandling?

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