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Over the years I have heard a lot of warnings about carefully watering in summer. And for good reason – trees can dry out quickly when its hot outside. At first glance, it seemed that most of my trees were over watered like moss was beginning to develop.

Surface soil is green

green ground – a sign that the ground is wet lately

these considerations were not entirely make sense to me. I’m used to the trees that dry out at a certain speed and see the green ground made me question the assumption that means wet green. I researched.

Removing surface soil with tweezers

The removal of the soil surface with bent tip pliers

turns out that the soil was very dry and the tree in need of water. What happened?

Some surface soil removed

Dry soil

Some cold weather a few weeks ago meant that the soil in my tree dries slowly. Moss began to grow. When heated, the floor was green, so it is difficult, at a glance, whether my trees need water. In the case of this pine plantation, I removed all the ancient land of the surface and added some new ground.

Surface soil removed

land of ancient surface removed

Top dressing added

preparation of mineral added – lava and akadama

after adding compost coverage, it gave me water the trees and a new fertilizer is added.

And watered

After watering

And fertilized

Cells cottonseed meal

I found similar cases in a number of trees, including black pine below. After removal of the soil surface, I added the upper dressing portion and watered the tree.

Old fertilizer cake

Old floor – dark decomposed and new moss fertilizer

Surface soil removed

surface soil removed

Top dressing added

mineral spreaders added

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My little azalea showed more signs of moisture – healthy moss growing on the soil surface. It was moist soil or dry here?

Mossy soil

healthy moss

Old soil removed

Under the moss – wet soil

Soil Azalea it was quite wet. After placing the tree shohin on a bed of lava (see “Keeping bonsai dry in summer”) I’ve had a much easier time keeping it from drying out. I made soji anyway (see “Summer Soji”) and white moss was added to retain additional moisture.

New soil and moss added

Sphagnum Moss white

Then I looked at my carpe. Surely this tree was getting enough water?

Old surface soil

old ground in a Korean carpe

I removed the soil surface and a dry tree was found.

Surface soil removed

Dry soil

healthy hornbeam trees are thirsty, and the boat in this case is a little small. I removed the soil surface, added fresh soil, and covered with this white Sphagnum to help retain moisture.

New soil and moss added

White Sphagnum top dressing

Since then, I checked them all, but some of my trees, clearing a plot of the ancient land that made watering complicated . Now it is easier to tell which trees need more water, and you need less. Thinking how nice it would be enough to irrigate every tree around when I needed it, I realized again a key benefit to the learning system.

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