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Watching a Japanese maple

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meeting Bay Island Bonsai this month focused on the Japanese maple. After studying how and when to start, plum and a hint maples, we worked on a screen maple.

meeting at the workshop Boon Bay Island Bonsai

The tree shown is the largest category – that is 16-18 inches high -. So the idea was to create a screen two points consisting of tree and an accent

Japanese maple

The support is simple and low. The low height of the stands limits the options for accents such as higher accents can begin to compete with the tree. This is what a number of accents resembled maple.

Japanese maple with Scilla on the slab of wood

found the Scilla be a good size and color of the screen. As for support under the accent, select a slab of wood naturally, because it is lighter in color than the medium used for the tree.

maple with succulent accent

tried a next succulent, but knowing the size of the larger boat was a bit much for the screen, and the color was similar to the color of maple foliage. The disc below the accent was round – a good contrast to the rectangular support under the maple -. Although a bit similar in color

maple suiseki accent

Japanese maples are trees of the mountain so he can be good to show them with stones vision, but no one was happy with the stone on top. Several of us thought it looked like a swan away from the tree.

Turning the accent otherwise did not help

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The figures are another option for the maples, but nobody was very happy with a nice figure the Soviet era.

Japanese maple figure

Exchanging wooden man for a bird bronze was an improvement, but the bird was a little having high note the height of the support used for maple. This figure could have been a better option maple was shown in a higher position.

maple accent bronze crane

From the above, were were happier with Scilla. With the remaining few minutes, we have created a screen with a lower maple accenting a black pine.

Black pine with Japanese maple

The accent? A small bird on a stone.

figure in stone bird

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Watching a Japanese maple

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