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Watching a carpe Korean

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I’m working this week in my presentation to the artisans Cup coming to Portland, Oregon, in September. They have not presented a tree yet? No problem, there are still 3 days left. The requirements are simple – some photos of her tree, a photo of the planned display as well as some words that describe your intention behind the composition. Here is the link to send now.

One of the most interesting aspects of the exhibition is that there are some guidelines for how to display bonsai. You do not have any steps? Not a problem – any means will do. While there is a long history of bonsai display in Japan we see emulated in many exhibitions in the United States, I am more excited about the potential outputs of the convention that could make its way into the cup.

To those who go to / pot / tree path / accent support, now is the time to dig through all media on hand to see what elements work better together. Of course, this is easier said than done as anyone who has the configuration of an exhibition knows how difficult it is to find just the right elements for display. The following attempts at a screen for a Korean hornbeam make this clear.

Display 1

Screen 1

The elements here are medium sized Korean hornbeam, a small black pine, two tiers, a slab and an accent. I like the color and style of support for carpe, but is a bit lightweight for the tree. Maybe something heavier ever going to do.

Display 2

Screen 2

I like the size and weight of this support – made by a local craftsman – but I prefer the darker color of the base previous. The accent here is next to the smaller tree. What if we move so complements the main tree?

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Display 3

Screen 3

The accent is well with the main tree, but the emphasis is on the small side.

Display 4

Screen 4

Here it is a slightly larger, though still on the small side accent. It would raise there a difference?

Display 8

Display 5

The additional height accent here is nice, but the support is a bit much for my taste. More importantly, pine, being much smaller than the hornbeam, benefits accent the carpe ago. I also believe that the stand is small for pine.

Display 6

Screen 6

Here the emphasis is again next to the pine, and pine has a slightly different position. The color and detail is nice, but how does a slightly larger position would be?

Display 7

Screen 7

The size of the base is good, but now the color is off, and is very similar to the color of support for carpe .

Display 8

Screen 8

Here it is a slightly larger and darker for pine stand. I like the color, but the size is a little big for the tree.

What to do? I can leave to someone else to decide. I can avoid bleachers for a concrete block, although it has been done before. Or I can keep experimenting -. There is, after all, a few days before presentations are due

still have questions about the artisans Cup? FAQ Check out the event.

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Watching a carpe Korean

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