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Vine maple … Torre … Experiment?

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had no idea how this title. Just as I had no idea, really, what exactly he was doing with my students March season the day we put this together. Should instill much confidence in my students. seasonal veterans are familiar with me taking a left turn at times. But this time I was more than a little uncertain about his reaction when I started our morning with, ‘I have this idea, but not the slightest idea of ​​how we will do it.’ So with that, we did … it is. Whatever “it” is, I hope the photos described better than I-

The vine maple for our experiment. vine maple Acer circinatum , is a native of the northwest that usually grows as a tree trunk multiple understory. They are similar to the Japanese maple. I picked it in the waterfalls.


Preparation roots-


Ya, I know, now it gets weird. What the hell are you doing? Tom and Ed are clowning around with a plastic cutting board …


More goodies … Thanks to my students this thing was very well built. They were excellent engineers.


Now the cat is out of the bag. This internal plastic support was destined for the attic of a deciduous tree cascade.


Our crab mascot bronze makes another furtive appearance.


I had to include this photo, as you never imagine bonsai had nothing to do with what these four con- engaged


did it more like a guitar …








John and outreach Florentina placement.


After reviewing our structure-supporting end


Tying the maple to the SUPPORT- which in itself it took some unusual engineering.

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use sphagnum moss ( ‘moss orchid’) as our substrate. Without mud this time.


Sphagnum Wrap with gauze, just to clarify how a little.


32 H. “After adding some projections licorice ferns and moss … there is some sphagnum moss sprayed on, too, so I hope all the matter will be green in several months. in any case, (hopefully) that soon look less like a mangy dog ​​that has been mummified, but this is where it is now. Hojitas are popping up all branches. it is in a greenhouse under a misting system and I’ll give you some changes in it in the future! for now, I’m thinking this is a “Ode to Northwest’-full of deciduous plants and thin growing near rotten logs and more moss and ferns that can shake a stick with mold.

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Vine maple … Torre … Experiment?

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