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Vine maple ‘Torre’ as seen today!

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When this tree was published for the first time this spring was an experiment that looked strange, I thought, ‘like a mangy dog’. There was only ugly Sphagnum moss that had a few patches of moss live attachments here and there. It looked like a disaster, and everyone was very friendly to ignore how terrible was the thing. Or at least, I have not received any comments on that part.

For those curious about the original publication and the rare nylon contraption beneath the moss, here it is: experiment /

he had expected some green moss colonization of this year, and I expected that the maple would agree to life in a tower. Both fortunately seems to have happened. We had to water it a lot. And it was protected from strong summer sun, too, so that can be established. Here is the maple as seen in April 2013, after a day of putting together:


Vine Maple ‘Torre’, April 2013


vine Maple Torre this week, October 2013. the branches are fallen leaf weight, and that should rise a bit during the winter.


A closeup of licorice ferns, a native of the Pacific Northwest, USA, which is deciduous in the summer, but regrows in the autumn. The moss is starting to have coverage in the areas of moss / gauze.


The base of the tower, with a little nylon seal peeks of mosses.


Some extensions rotty aspect …


The trunk of the vine maple … either you like or will not be. Never been wired, nor do I. It’s a wild child of my bonsai courtyard and think it’s a fun place to some of the others who receive more targeted training counterpoint. I chose this tree because I liked it. Not because I wanted to change it.

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Maple two days later than October first photo, with little color. They change so quickly, and lose their leaves before the Japanese maple. However, I think I’ll like this tree so out of the sheet.


and Maple Vine tower just below the previous day, with even more yellow in the leaves. fast color change! There is also a Japanese maple on a pole, and behind him, another vine maple that has lost most of the top and left, with the lower part still green and leafy.


today have to include the work, which was Bobby and Ed (and periodically I) put in a French drain in the back. It’s a little swampy back there and I’m hoping this will solve the sogginess and allow some banks. Really I do not know what I’d do without these two guys, and others who have helped here. You rock.

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Vine maple ‘Torre’ as seen today!

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