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Vine maple ‘starter’ Styling …

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For lack of a better name … The ‘start’. long-time followers of this blog know that often the trees name to make it easier to identify. Not in the sense that they are serious NAMES sometimes very, very good bonsai are given in Japan. It is easier (and more fun) say.. “We will take the start in the current study” that “Let’s bring the fourth Arce vine left in the current study

Therefore boot. I picked up this vine maple about a year and a half ago. vine maple is one of our most curious understory trees, long life here in the Pacific northwest, USA .. it looks a little to the crescent of maple, but it is much stronger. And we can pick it up! Have deciduous, Yamadori nearby is lucky in the end. Given other counts ring in the area, this tree is about 90 years old.

who had been wanting to do something with it from the collection of the same. I had very little idea of ​​what that “something” might be, until this winter was playing around with these internal supports have been using for a couple of years, and wondered if a overhang bonsái was possible. We see so many trees growing out of the nurse recorded here, and some of them feel a little precarious …

like that some of the other tree projects going on here, I used the sculptural idea of ​​”found object” more strongly. None of the maple branches of this wire have never had them, the challenge was to use what we have found to their best advantage, without manipulation.

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Enjoy the photo essay!


Our Vine Maple, inclined at the angle and the view from the front, thought it was more interesting. It has a large rotten hole on the other side, and that, given the age of this tree, was also a possible front. twisted tree.


Some previous work on the back. The big left arm is straight, so it was cut and carved out …


… leaving this hole, which was designed to harmonize with the hole larger and more natural.


Bobby principle our soil removal.


The start playing with nylon support. (My grandfather, has long passed, he wore this jacket when he was puttering around their huge beds gladiolus. Since learning that I have been almost nonstop in the garden of bonsai).


Our best estimate of how the tree should rest on the support.


Bobby secure the counterweight …


… and tie in the Sphagnum, hidden around estate. This is another interesting point of view, and gives you a better idea of ​​the projection toward the viewer of our chosen front.


The fleet mass roots a little above the table, which looks like the strange formations rotted wooden mossy seen here in the woods northwest, with curious plants growing out of them. This tree is still a bit of an ugly duckling, with some branches such as the linear lower left that it will be reduced over time, after the tree is established. These are very strong trees, however. The strength of the root is similar to Trident maple. small leaves are now bursting, just one week after assembly. Somehow “assembly” feels like a better “Encapsulation” word, right?

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Vine maple ‘starter’ Styling …

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