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Bonsai Village Portland news … (a very short time news explosion …)

The people is flourishing … we are creating a new website set to launch in June 2015 under the guidance of top-notch designer Kathy Wu with. Kathy has made the web design, brand, logo and work for Nike, Bridgeport Brewing, Intel, Sony, and Jenny Craig. We are very excited about their participation in the Villa!

For now, take a look at our updated pages of The Village . Much has been expanded … there’s a couple last year that more villagers … more … and more programs we have in our sights.

In addition, we are looking at a campaign Indiegogo this spring to help launch the people, so stay tuned to ~

If you plan to be in the innovative show Ryan bonsai Neil Cup craftsmen (September 25-27, 2015) definitely contact us for our special guided bus tours throughout the Villa! Send an email to: Margie Kinoshita, [email protected]

We booked some really wonderful minibuses for the days of the Cup (which pitas on the use of biodiesel, quite Portlandia). The seats are likely to fill up fast for this massive event, so get your name on the list!

That’s all for now, but I will update you on the people as we go through the great bonsai year 2015 ~

32-passenger Krystal Koach

the mini-bus for our visit to craftsmen during Cup-

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village website and excursions during artisans Cup –

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