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Very Old Mountain Hemlock Styling –

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This tree was collected antique few years ago by Anton Nijhuis Vancouver Island, Canada, and recently was taken to Oregon, USA .. we transformed here last week for a client. The dynamism of the low branch crashing down and his movement definitely made for a fun style. We could not wait to finish it!

Interestingly, the whole tree is a branch rooted. It has somewhat larger needles that most have mountain hemlocks, and Anton said it looked like a strain of hemlock located that mountain, and he had not seen elsewhere.

Here is a photo essay of our restyling. Enjoy!


This was the Hemlock mountain before us nothing.


… after a few jins and tilting shorten the tree of our new slant, and the pursuit of our front. Like so many options front, which was a balance of good and evil …


Bobby refining a jin.


… wiring from the bottom up. We do not use wire wrapped around tensioning cables and new profile of this tree.


Matt reel was in the studio that day … and he was very determined to be seen, as it was in the same place in the next two shots, too.


Bobby wiring top.


Some finishing touches. At this point, we were a little awkward. Long day.


From this direction, from the left, you can see at the bottom descending branch is, and how close it is to the trunk. Smaller branches of this tree bark were very mature, so it is quite old.


Detail shot of the top.


Close shot cascading branch.

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And our final tree! 35 “(89 cm) from the top to the lowest branch part. It will be Repotting this tree in spring, either in a box or in a pot. A square of depth would be fine, eventually. Hopefully something less bright orange this …

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Very Old Mountain Hemlock Styling –

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