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This is one of those trees I’ve had in my yard for a long time, and never further follow-up is about. On the one hand, it is so great that it is difficult to photograph. Moreover, just do not have time.

All logs come from a base; It is a tree. The snows are so heavy Whereupon the young branches were brought down, and those branches grew up later and now are the logs that create the group.

This was the tree that all my madness began around the search for new solutions to the issue of the slab. Ironically, it is the last tree I put on a slab. This hemlock sat on a slab of plywood for years, with me just dream about it, while other experiments complete the slab. Therefore, it benefited from the mistakes of other trees. O my mistakes with them, I should say. Finally in 2014 he went to an option of stronger than nylon joints was using for smaller trees, using instead the material Corian countertop slab.

I should mention that mountain Hemlock is not a tree beyond the Pacific Northwest, USA, or even east of the Cascades. East of the mountains and south are too hot and / or aggregates for these guys and get terribly bad mood, then lost in silence. But … come visit and trees will be here!

Here is a previous post that shows how did the mound and left sloping wall:

Enjoy the (relatively long) photographic essay!


Mountain Hemlock in 2010 about two years after collection, with makeshift housing and inclined strange’ve built for it.


The day we have created the “mound” that end up staying in this plywood for several years (as I scratched my head). 2010. This was the tree adventure began with putting trees on slabs of unusual materials (I do not mean to plywood …)

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Now we are advancing a bit fast for 2013, the second time he had handmade tree. I think the first time was in 2011. The high snows where it comes from and had taken all the branches down to have large sharp angles with the trunk, so this tree really only needed minor adjustments to the placement.


Some parts of the tree needs a ladder to work on … this is about the center of the tree.


Detail of a branch showing the delicacy of foliage. The needles come in 3-D, so it is a bit different from other spruces. I think if the Japanese had this species, which would be much more enthusiastic about the native hemlock that they have there.


Again fast forward a bit, this is the summer of 2014, its introduction to the study of Bobby and Konnor.


… about to be moved on the slab of Corian (right), our choice for this big tree by its force.


marking the footprint of the soil mass Konnor …


… and cut the slab a jig saw.


Our feet for this project.


After changing the tree on top of the slab cutting.


Side view (right) from the tree on its rock platform in the yard. We liked the cut of 45 degrees in Corian, we painted dark gray. We think that the bezel gives this tree a greater sense of “floating”, reducing its visual mass.


Another detail of the front. A lot of Polytrichum (light green star-shaped moss) and other types of mosses and lichens, and a curious dark green, Oregon box small leaf (left and rear side), which is also reflected in the mountains here .

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Again, fast forward, this is January 2015, and once again we brought in the tree by some cables. Bobby in their stripes. As usual. You can see the continuity of clothes from previous sessions with this tree.


We were lucky to have Matt reel falling into the studio, so we had a day really Portland Bonsai village of the same, with some visitors dropping to see the garden, too.


Yes, occasionally I put down the camera and fiddle with trees. We are wired this tree lightly. Matt and I talked about how excess wiring in a hemlock would simply destroy its natural grace.

DSC_0809 - Version 2

And this is how the Mountain Hemlock is today, in January 2015, after minor retouching wiring. More and more I am inspired by what I see in the mountains of the area, who do not have as serious as a quieter Rocky Mountain environment, offering more humid forests that still exhibit decay and entropy, and a ridiculous amount of wabi-sabi. In the nearby waterfalls and Costa have fields been very taken with relationships trunks, just visually, and tree communities ecologically and have sought to bonsai trees so they can communicate this. I tried to present this hemlock simplest way possible without a pot or slab visible highlight those features.

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Very Large Mtn. Hemlock Solid –

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