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Version of Omiya Bonsai Village Portland …

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Something I am very excited about these days is the beginning of a budding bonsai professional community here in Portland, Oregon, which just stretch His wings. Besides myself have Ryan Neil who returned from Japan in 2010 and has already had a spectacular start, with headlining the Noelanders event in Belgium, has taught in Italy, and I’m happy to report-it has settled in the Portland area . When we were trainees in Japan joked one night on the phone about creating a people Omiya in Portland, after our bonded were finished. I think after talking we both pondered a bit, and found it is not such a silly idea.

And it seems to be happening: Matt reel also join us in a year or so, following his nearly 5 years Shinji Suzuki. We will have several bonsai artists in a city that have done a long time in Japan, with a couple of his best teachers, Masahiko Kimura and Shinji Suzuki, who work together to create a viable professional community and reach. We hope you stay tuned to the events that we will in the near future! It will be an exciting future here in Portland … and we hope you’ll come visit, and Return-

Below are some photos of our version of ‘travel’ of the Bonsai Village … Portland presented I think Ryan and I realized that the next three years we headliner at a convention together at least once a year. Next: PNBA in Seattle this September

From left to right: Peter Warren (our uncle English), Ryan Neil and Michael Hagedorn in GSBF 2010.

GSBF 2010: Neil Ryan demonstrated in a Rocky Mountain juniper; Michael Hagedorn assisted by Peter tea in Ezo spruce.

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Version of Omiya Bonsai Village Portland …

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