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Unevenly intensive Bonsai

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had the opportunity to visit the workshop Boon last week during an intensive Bonsai. For those unfamiliar with the program, the Intensive Bonsai is a series of three-day workshops combine theory and practice of bonsai. Boon started the program in 2001. Since then, many have graduated from the program 10 dishes culminating in a course focused on preparation program. intensive winter or IV-oriented exhibition, tomorrow will start this year as annual exhibition Bay Island Bonsai is this weekend.

last week of intensive tasks focused on the proper season, including style and transplantation.

Cleaning up old foliage of a Shimpaku grown in the field

transplantation, in particular, was in full swing when I visited. The first step after removal of a tree of the pot is combing and cutting the roots in the bottom of the rootball.

From the bottom of the root ball

Although complete this work, the tree should be horizontal to ensure the rootball is perpendicular down.

Keep up the trees

Once you have addressed the roots of the bottom of the root ball, work begins at the top and the sides of the root ball.

comb roots – the work of the root is fun

In an effort to maintain the health of the trees, the ground of age, when present , it is removed to make room for bonsai soil.

Removing old ground

Replacing nursery soil with bonsai soil is a common first step when working on material developed as plants nursery.

Removing old ground

Once the old soil has been removed from deciduous trees, the root ball can be rinsed with water.

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After a hose outside the rootball

Even trees that have been developed for some time require good soil. Here is a black pine after removal of a piece of land of age.

pine Black

During the transplant process, intensive participants practice the steps they learned with the guidance of Boon. Once the tree is good causes, it carried out and watered.

Repotting full – time for water

Trees newly replanted

If you’re curious to learn more about Bonsai intensive program, see the course description or contact Boon COM bonsaiboon in point.

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Unevenly intensive Bonsai

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