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On a visit to Aichi-last fall, I saw a juniper that was a bit much.

Twisty Shimpaku

The other side

Aichi-apprentice Juan Andrade was not very convinced this tree with artificial twists. Junichiro Tanaka, however, suggested that the tree can take on more character as it ages and have proven to be a more convincing bonsai at some point in the future. I’m curious as to how the tree could change over time in a way that minimizes the effect barber pole.

loosen the turns a little can have a less artificial appearance.

Shimpaku Less twisty

The tree above has more relaxed curves, which seem less forced. The turns are, however, fairly uniform, which makes me wonder if it was collected or tree breeding.

more random twists seem less likely to be artificial. Then juniper has a very interesting move and irregular twists.

irregular twists Shimpaku –

Now, imagine that someone took a younger version of one of these junipers and gave a loop-the-loop.

roller coaster juniper

do not know where this tree grows, but can not stop guessing who did not grow in this way naturally.

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