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Caring for a bonsai, what tools needed to do it properly?

Meet those essential tools to care for a bonsai.

Tools for caring for bonsai

Caring for a bonsai requires very few tools. These do certain jobs or tasks easier and faster, reducing the time to care for a bonsai.

The range of quality (and price) in tools is immense and it is suggested to buy the best basic set of tools you can afford. Eventually appreciate this decision and if you care to look after them they will last a long, long time.

You will need a pair of scissors. These allow you to make fine cutting work in a small space. These scissors should be sharp and should be used to care for bonsai. You can start with a small set of scissors.

Possibly the most important tool you need to have a growing bonsai, are a pair of concave cutters. These blades allow you to make cuts tree branches and leave behind a concave wound, the wound is much faster than a straight cut heals.

Eventually you will need a pair of wire cutters, but need not be acquired immediately. Using cables to hold and shape your bonsai is likely to have to cut at some point.

These wire cutters allow you to cut the wire to the bark without damaging it. These are also essential. You’ll also want to have several different thicknesses of wire. In general, anodized copper wire is the most recommended for wiring a bonsai.

It is very flexible, so that it folds up, and can then use this maintains its position. She used to scheming position trees branches.
Once you gain experience and knowledge in the care of a bonsai will be a few more tools you want to add to your toolbox.

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Knobs cutters are very similar to the concave cutters, except that they have a spherical head, which allows you to cut branches and leave a small recessed scar.

A folding saw is a useful tool for larger cuts than the diameter of either concave or knob cutters. These are especially important when working with large trees.

Small scissors are ideal for working with very small bonsai or very slow growth, which is difficult to reach with large scissors, Indispensable to care for a small bonsai.

A root rake is used to remove dirt from the root ball before transplanting. It Is used to gently comb roots and to clean the surface.

Finally, a simple pair of tongs, These can be extremely useful in styling bonsai Tweezers have all sorts of effects on bonsai from pinching back new growth to pruning to remove unwanted objects from your bonsai.

Most forceps have a small bonsai palette at the end, useful for patting moss, sowing seeds…

Now that you have the tools to start caring for a bonsai, what about the tree? Should I start from seed or buy one? You can actually do either option…

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Tools for caring for bonsai, what do you need?

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