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As those of you who know me well know, I have a tendency to find nicknames for people. I met Matt reel briefly before starting as an apprentice with Shinji Suzuki. By the time he had just finished high school, and I started to call him ‘young Reel’. Well, it is now seven years later and naturally I am looking for other nicknames-have to change, you know, because even though he is young, definitely grown beyond that earlier nickname more distinguished. Especially given its current bonsai work. ‘Coil Tall’ came to mind, but really it was just as high when it started as it is now, which is about 6 ‘6 “, and in the not unlike physicist Michael Phelps. Therefore, since consciousness need to be sure it’s okay with any new nickname or would be in danger of being picked up and unceremoniously dropped into a garbage can. which, considering that I am your senpai, it would be a sort unlucky. still searching for an appropriate nickname … so for now he is’ Matt reel “.

Last week Matt sent me some pictures of your current work in Japan. As you read correctly earlier, Matt has been apprenticed for seven years now. Believe it or not, he is originally from Portland, Oregon, and will come back here to be a member of our growing Portland Bonsai Village. He will be a source of knowledge when they return in February 2014, and if any of you have been taking on new faces posing for their club or whatever, I could not do better than to contact Matt. Furthermore, it is very nice. And did I mention above?

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Matt Website:

Contact Matt: [email protected]


Matt Reel

Matt Reel (right) in the studio, along with Tyler Sherrod (left)

Matt roll (right) in the studio, along with Tyler Sherrod (left). Kerosene heater ubiquitous in the foreground.

The following six images are Matt ‘before and after work’ photos:







And these next are independent photos:




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The work of Matt Bonsai reel

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