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the selection of the crucible by a dwarf glycine

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What is all the fuss about selecting the pot for bonsai? A pot that is too large can make a mighty tree look small. A pot that is too bright can be a distraction. Pots can accentuate foliage or flowers, and may conflict with or complement other pots with those shown.

Perhaps we have sought for years without luck before finding a good match. Or maybe we’ve had a pot for a long time, but do not have a good tree for it. I have experienced so much in recent years.

The actual selection process can also be frustrating. Having to make concessions as the right way, but the wrong color, or the right size but wrong style, the final decision does not always feel very well. But when we do find the pot of a tree, which can be very satisfying.

I went through the exercise of the collection and testing of a number of pots to use for a dwarf wisteria in January ahead of Bay Island Bonsai exhibition this year. These are the options in my opinion.

Japanese Round window

The previous round pot is too deep for me and lacks personality. Following!


seems to me the pot by Koyo a good match. I like the size, color and depth of the well, but the upright sides are a little strong for a deciduous tree with a thin trunk.

Bunzan # 1

Pots by Bunzan often provoke strong reactions, whether positive or negative. I think both the pot above and below to be adequate, in terms of size and shape, but a little busy as simple tree.

Bunzan # 2

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I really like pots showing great age, but the Chinese ancient below is a bit much for such a young tree. I might consider again if the trunk grows much larger but the tree remains small.

unglazed ancient Chinese

The Japanese pot below is adequate, but not excite me.

Japanese old

The boat then Michael Hagedorn showed me how well it works the oval shape. Meeting the pot to be a good choice, however, is a little big for the tree.

Michael Hagedorn

The green oval below is so broad, but slightly less deep than the Hagedorn. It’s a good option.

Oval Green – here’s the cheat sheet if someone is interested

I also like how the ancient Chinese with enamel namako seemed. The size, shape and color are all a good match.

Chinese ancient window

For those who did not see the tree at the show, here’s a picture of the tree as shown in the exhibit.

Of the above options, any favorites?

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the selection of the crucible by a dwarf glycine

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