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The Return of ‘The Fish’ …

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… which could well be a salmon returning to a river, or just a bad movie title … ?

is no. Fish is another, a little silly, convenient “name” for a Rocky Mountain Juniper appeared here over a year ago, when it was designed in the first place. We did a three-part messages in real time of it at the time: i /

Big Juniper Project: ‘The Fish’: Part II 2013/08/22 / big-juniper-project-the-fish-part-iii-finis /

let the fish grow for a year to gain some momentum for transplant this spring. It was a strange coincidence that every time we have a big project, Matt reel shown in the study. I do not remember any organization about it, but he arrives quickly when something is about to happen. I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Bobby Curttright remove the fish box …


… and start working root. The style of this tree left the box in a ridiculous angle, so that was quite invasive rootwork on the right side.


The approximate slope and position of the trees before tying in.


Matt in stripes, Bobby in solids. Something’s wrong.


bamboo helps hold the great mass of the high root.


We did not get a final shot of the fish, so this will have to do. It has already completed the initial style, and certainly needs some back to work after it was established. That branch of the right, particularly, was hiding behind the box and was never really adjusted.

to finish today’s post, here are some pictures of our last winter season, offering three students of British Columbia, Canada-


some of the projects in the winter season last week: a juniper …

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… ponderosa pine …


… pine Shore …


… another ponderosa pine …


… and a Japanese maple. Thanks for coming to the season, folks!

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The Return of ‘The Fish’ …

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