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The options for the application of fertilizers bonsai

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have been enjoying experimenting with new fertilizer I’m using this summer. Ten days ago Omakase cakes fertilizer applied to a number of my trees and I have already noticed some things.

One of my concerns had been or not break down quickly cakes like cakes are very difficult out of the bag. Yesterday, however, I have noticed that some of the biggest cakes had already begun to crumble.

cake fertilizer on the left is beginning to crumble

Intact cakes have softened considerably, which tells me that the water is not having trouble penetrating cakes.

Because I was not sure at first how well the water penetrate the cakes, I tried a couple of approaches to keep them moist. For a tree, buried at different depths cakes.

cakes fertilizer on top of the soil (left), and seated on the floor (right)

Although cakes placed on the part top soil have acquired a lighter cakes that are buried in part color, all have softened on it.

I have also previously tried Crumbling cakes.

Smashing fertilizer cakes

I bits added after comminuted directly to the soil surface in several trees.

shredded pieces of fertilizer on the soil surface

One of my biggest challenges with bonsai fertilizer over the years has bugs running with it . I have been happy to note that so far have remained cakes where I left off. Omakase fertilizer is designed to be less interesting for bugs than other fertilizers, and so far I have found that to be the case.

For a more direct comparison, I also testing the fertilizer in tea bags, both crushed and uncrushed.

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crushed cakes fertilizer teabag

cakes intact in the teabag

garden bugs – mostly squirrels and raccoons, as far as I can tell – have been collecting fertilizer bags filled with cottonseed meal recently and dropping them on the floor here and there. Today I put out more bags with fertilizer cakes inside to see whether or not stay.

fertilizer Omakase in teabags

I will be increasing the amount of fertilizer used in the garden during the next few weeks, since it is the time to start decandled pines feed so I hope this is a good opportunity to see what happens with the different approaches to food.

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The options for the application of fertilizers bonsai

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