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The odd time and Bonsai

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rare bonsai climate makes bad mood too. We have had, in the central United States and Europe, one of the weirdest weather in years: very cold springs in both places. These unusual weather patterns can be seriously discouraged bonsai.

Even if you have only a few stations bonsai under his belt, it is likely to be obvious that a bonsai is a very vulnerable plant. Because he lives in a pot, weird weather is a stronger version of the tree strange. You might have to wait longer to carry out our trees winter storage, which can cause weakness tree if there have been growing for a while now. Pests and diseases can latch onto the trees that normally would not have a chance with. Or, we can simply have warmer summers than normal they create other problems.


I remember well my first year as an apprentice in Japan, it was 2004 and the summer was so hot it was is if the sun had curled up in festive close for a few months. Well, bonsai and bonsai apprentices who tried to keep things moist not much care about that. Nagano Prefecture simply baked in a heat wave unprecedented lasted months. When a young carpenter fell from a roof dead heat exhaustion, Suzuki went into work the next morning with a no-joke on his face and handed out white shirts and wide-brimmed hats. “Do not you die!” Warned us, as if we were planning differently.

The result of that hot summer in Japan was that many bonsai weakened. The year after we had lost branches here and there, and some rare diseases sometimes seen was present in some of the heat-stressed trees. To reinforce them, they were simply removed from their pots and placed in wooden boxes with pumice hidden around their root balls, and so left for a few years. Some were famous trees. We had not done anything wrong, but it was not much we could control. And one thing that has come back to me again and again since then is that older, more refined bonsai will be hardest hit during the years of strange time, and not so much younger trees.

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is so easy to wonder what we did or did not do, to do this or that problem. It seems that we are guilty of everything, after all, a bonsai is in our care, right? Easy to take the blame, assuming they are the only piece on the board that is moving. But the rare year will make their own movements, and make their own casualties. And at that time we should expect some loss, hopefully not whole trees, but perhaps an important branch die. Do those things that can change the position-trees. Put shade cloth that you have been thinking during periods of heat. Plan a third or fourth irrigation / misting in hot days (preceded by the withdrawal of labor, naturally). Diagnose their diseases. Monitor carefully cold periods and not go through the calendar to get them out of cold storage. And then, do not ask or beat ourselves for what we are doing wrong (which could be anything) when our trees act weird strange time for years.

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The odd time and Bonsai

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