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The new Japanese bonsai tools

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picked me some new tools during my visit to Japan last fall. Among others, I bought a large root scissors, wire cutters, scissors basic bonsai and a water pipe. They can guess that it has become my favorite?

New tools from Japan

scissors root, wire cutters, scissors

Watering wand -


Water – “ki ra ra – GNS”

root scissors are a bit different than the pair I’ve been using for over 15 years. The blades are slightly larger, but more importantly, the handles are set off. I saw these in Aichi-in and asked how well they worked. The response was positive, so I ordered a pair.

Off-set and regular root scissors

off-set and regular root scissors

The handles off-set let me easily make straight cuts without my fingers in the way, and the extra-long blades They make quick work of large root balls. They are overkill for smaller trees, but perfect for days when I’m repotting dozens of large and small pines.

The off-set handles leave no excuses for bad cuts

The benefit of the handles off-set

Root scissor

These are the markers mark – I do not know the translation

from my new tools, scissors root are the most fun to use, but not my favorite. Similarly, new basic scissors. The last form of fashion is fun, but the performance is very similar to normal scissors. What about the large wire cutters?

Wire cutter from Kaneshin

wire cutter Kaneshin

have used a series of wire cutters of different sizes and shapes in recent years. I was surprised, then, to reach Aichi-in and note that Mr. Tanaka had so many variations of these scissors wire in your toolkit. These seemingly clumsy cutters are great for cutting wire or small branches covered wire. I have also seen that use (carefully) as pliers. Turns out, Toru Suzuki Daiju-in is a big fan of these scissors. While I was perusing the selection of tools in the ASPAC Convention in Takamatsu, Suzuki grabbed them and recommended them as highly as I knew how. Which it is funny, because I broke mine cut quite a small wire in the day that I unwrapped. A few minutes later, the same happened to Peter tea. I was not completely surprised – the seller tool had recommended a couple of the highest quality – but I think it would get through the first day unscathed. Fortunately for me and Peter, Mr. Tanaka took great care in grinding to the end and now we both have a pair of pliers “as” that work very well.

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That said, the big surprise for me is how much I’ve come to appreciate the new water pipe – my favorite. We use some of this brand in Aichi-in as well as some cheaper models. The difference was clear. As Peter said, “I can use this wand and quickly water the garden or use cheap and take twice as long.” The good thing about the wand is offering a lot of water smoothly. The wand I have been using for years is ideal for small gardens – and I admit, my garden is very small – but this nozzle is super for irrigation of the largest gardens. The nozzle head is thick brass which makes it harder to dent heads of fine copper watering cans come with many copper. And despite the lack of threaded connections, jams copper conical end of the hose and is fixed.


brass head

Soft spray

Soft, smooth flow

More soft spray

Surprisingly smooth delivery blaring

I smile every time I used the wand over the past five months, but do not know where to get in the states. If anyone has suggestions, I would be willing to listen.

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The new Japanese bonsai tools

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