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is difficult to know where to start. From concept, to the extension, the staging and execution of the event, Chelsea Ryan and Neil did a great job with the artisans Cup. For all of your efforts, thank you very much! Thanks also to the exhibitors, suppliers, volunteers and visitors, without whom the event could not have met with such success.

Vine maple by Michael Hagedorn

vine maple by Michael Hagedorn

In recent weeks, much has been said about the exhibition hall and trees. I have seen less attention go to an important artifact of the event -. Judging heading

If you still have to read it, I highly recommend it. It is one of the best distillations of how to evaluate an exhibition of bonsai available to the public. It is also a good checklist of items to consider when bonsai presented in any case.

Top dressing by Greg Brenden

Top dressing by Greg Brenden

Above all, I am impressed by the effort and Chelsea Ryan made to promote transparent and objective judgment. There were five judges – enough to provide a balance between the different tastes. Each judge had the exhibition hall itself during the trial – a luxury that is not always possible or practical. The judges also evaluated all the trees in the exhibition – a task that consumes while providing a great understanding of the processes of judging and scoring. The section also called for the assessment of “honorable and consistent.” – The most you can ask from any judge

As for the judge, the section called both technical and artistic considerations. Among the technical aspects, “compositions must demonstrate a high level of technical competence in all its forms.” Trees should be healthy and adequately dense for its variety. My favorite spot belongs to craftsmanship in cleaning, development, pruning and wiring, in addition to the preparation of containers, stands and decorative pieces.

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Regarding artistic considerations, “compositions should show a high artistic level and skill in design.” This applies to the tree, container, standing and accent.

Ron Lang pot displayed by Mike Pollock

pot Ron Lang shown by Mike Pollock

Instead of prescribing how to distribute points – trees were evaluated on a scale of 0-60 points . – Heading left all the judges interpretation of the results would be made public

is no point in heading raised good questions about how to score screens? Insurance. An example is the score of three points and shohin sample. Does it make more sense to tell how judges should work specific faults in these cases? Probably not, however, some additional guidance would help.

Stand displayed by Stephen Liesen

Stand shown by Stephen Liesen

Similarly, the breakdown between tree, container, standing and accent. I spent a lot of time walking through the exhibition thinking about how he would mark trees and found it difficult to start until they came up with a general framework for how many points could go to each item on the screen. The main concept it wanted to protect indicated in the heading: “A good tree with a screen of shit should not win this show.” On the contrary, “Winning trees must display quality from head to toe in every aspect of the screen as presented in the exhibition.” Well said.

I found that the signature was well suited to the artisans Cup, and with some modifications, could be suitable for a variety of other events. The number of judges, for example, and the time allotted to judge lead to significant changes in the frame. That said, the points relating to the assessment of individual screens are a great starting point for any organization seeking to incorporate high quality evaluation in your case.

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see a copy of heading Judging the artisans Cup website.

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The judge heading Cup craftsmen

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