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The improvement of young pines

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A number of my young black pines are now 10 – almost 11 – years old. Depending on how they look, I’m making cuts, transplant or let them grow.

below Pine has a number of roots exposed. As the main trunk growing up and to the right will not be part of the final design, reduced it to foster growing branch on the left. I’m still not sure if I will use this as the new trunk line or as a primary branch -. I will make this decision in the next year or two when I see what looks like a new growth

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10 years of black pine

After reducing the apex

Another pine this cohort was scheduled for a new angle potting.

10 years pine

Future angle sowing

The purpose of the inclination the tree next is to replace the straight trunk with a branch leading into a new direction.

After removing the tree basket

planted in the new angle

If you look closely you can see the future trunk line, now a thin branch leads up above the base of the trunk. In one or two years will reduce the long branch exhaust after the new trunk thickens slightly.

Close-up of the new angle of sowing

Beyond the new trunk and main right branch, I have in mind for the tree. As with the previous pine, I will delay the adoption of new decisions for the moment and see what new branches emerge in the next year or two.

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The improvement of young pines

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