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The highlight of garden Shinji Suzuki

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is inspiring to walk through a beautiful bonsai garden.

Japanese maple

A visit to the garden of Shinji Suzuki is a visit to a lot of really, really, good trees.

Looking up at a Chinese quince

The garden is arranged in a series of greenhouses with courtyards between them. In winter, almost all bonsai are brought inside to protect them from the cold. In one room we found a group of trees bound for Kokufu.

Shimpaku shown in 90a Kokufu-ten

Shimpaku shown in 90a Kokufu-ten – one of my favorite trees display

One of the main room was dominated by one of the most famous trees of Japan -. A famous red pine designed by Kimura

red pine

Here you can see what makes the tree remarkable :. amazing


exceptional cortex

Fans of the dwarf Japanese quince ‘chojubai’ found a variety of specimens.

Small chojubai

chojubai Medium

Large chojubai

a deciduous tree that caught my attention was a Japanese is undergoing significant retooling after the tree lost several branches in an accident.

beech Japanese

Noticing my interest in the tree, apprentice long Yusuke pulled a book that shows how the tree looked.

Hague, as it appeared decades ago

Walking through the garden, Boon was all smiles.

Boon Manakitivipart

Eric Schrader was all smiles in a room full of white pines.

Eric Schrader

Actually, all left smiling.

Second row: Eric, Paul, Tyler, Matt, Jonas; first row: Jeff, Boon, Bobby

As we went through the garden for one last pass before catching the train back to Tokyo, the sun began to cast a golden light in the room. It was a nice farewell.

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The highlight of garden Shinji Suzuki

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