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The highlight of Garden Michael Hagedorn

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My recent trip to Portland began with a visit to the garden of Michael Hagedorn. Its trees are looking great this time of year -. Junipers are covered with new growth and bonsai deciduous are full and healthy

junipers in particular caught my attention on this visit, probably because I’ve been enjoying more and more in my own garden. Large specimens collected on display deserve special attention because they have great movement and dead wood. Michael style highlights these features, so that the trees living works of art. Here are some of my favorites.

Juniper Rocky Mountain

Western juniper

juniper Rocky Mountain

juniper Needle

Some other trees that seemed particularly great when I visited include Ezo spruce, a Japanese maple and chojubai single trunk -. One of my favorites in the states

fir Ezo

Japanese maple


Say hello this weekend at the 33rd Annual Exhibition of Sei Boku

Sei Boku Bonsai Kai is organizing its 33 anniversary show this weekend in the garden in downtown San Mateo. I will be a vendor at the event along with Nancy Schramm nursery Carman, Jerry Braswell, Dave Chimpky Enchanted Forest and Amy Wada. Show times are 10.04, Saturday and Sunday, June 4-5 with a demonstration on Saturday at 12 by Dennis Makashima. I’ll have tools, pots, soil, books, supplies (see Bonsai Tonight online store for complete selection) and a few trees on hand to stop by and say hello!

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The highlight of Garden Michael Hagedorn

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