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The ‘Helix root’ Limber Pine Styling –

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Until a couple of years, had never worked with Limber Pine, one of our North American white pines. It’s growing on me. Yolks new good, nice short, sharp needle. It has a nice name, Limber Pine, which is more trippingly off the tongue of loblolly pine, for example. And it has great features of dead wood.

This Limber pine was called in a workshop season a couple of weeks ago. It was picked up by a student of mine, Steve Varland backcountry Bonsai, which was able to be in the season to help the style. Lots of fun!

Photo essay follows the journey with this tree-


Limber Pine aside …


… and from the other side.


And a couple of shots of the base with the roots of the “propeller”.




We have found that a large area of ​​the trunk was dead. This is obviously not dead. We could call it the “pre-shari’a, because it looked like the rest of the trunk. The bark still adhered very well, but 50 years later in the jungle would shari. So we took the crust in these areas to accelerate the process a little … Steve and Bobby work at it.


Jim and Steve foliage begin preparing for wiring.


Some large curves were planned for this style, so goes the raffia-


the first great … Bobby cables without stripes for some reason. He did quite well without them. Hm.


Setting the branches …


Terminating …


Our tree completed. well, mostly completed. for a container next spring, we were perhaps thinking a deep oval narrow, to show these surface roots helix as double curious. 32 “high.

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The ‘Helix root’ Limber Pine Styling –

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