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The graft of two projects: juniper and pine

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The first tree in this photo essay is a capricious juniper used to be a needle juniper. Although my client enjoyed the needle juniper, which was not doing very well where he lived and was getting weaker. I gave a few options, and decided that “change clothes” tree, so to speak, and we do happier. In essence, we did something we could do work with bonsai, and not just along eek and ‘keep it going’, which is not really in the textbook bonsai desired results.


Three years have grafted Itoigawa stems in it. it was more style or less about a year and a half ago, the whole tree created from the original four small grafts plate / cleft. I have mixed feelings about Itoigawa , to be honest, but for very small trees or those with a little finesse about them does seem appropriate.

Itoigawa , if you’re going down that road, it is a very strong plant growth (one of my problems with it). Some varieties of Itoigawa are so strong that the branches can quickly become too thick, and soon seem quite muscular and out of character with the foliage. So control of energy and growth of this type of juniper is particularly important.

In addition, at the end of this photo essay, include a different grafted tree with a very different feeling … It is a ponderosa pine grafted black pine. Not that the ponderosa pine is not an easy tree to grow, it’s just that my client does not like ponderosa much … so that was also grafted. Different preferences for different people. Enjoy the photos!

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Itoigawa scions grafted onto the needle plate juniper. March 2012.


Itoigawa grafts growing strongly at the top of juniper, the needle down. March 2014.


tree is completely Itoigawa Juniper now, the whole needle juniper foliage has been cut. four grafts were used.


After a little cleaning before wiring. October 2015.


carved tree, October 2015. Three years of graft. 38 “/ 96 cm high.


Details pads branching and foliage in the next photos-

IMG_1998 IMG_1999 IMG_2007 IMG_2018


Our second graft project was a black ponderosa pine grafted on. to get an idea of ​​the mass and scale of this tree, the red rectangle box is the flange of a truck. That’s a big box for two.


After all the ponderosa foliage had been cut, only the black pine is.


had not paid much attention to this tree for a while, and had grown tremendously over several years. Shamefully, I needed a jack to bend a massive grafted limbs, that if he had been awake, he would have only needed a modest wire only a couple of years earlier. Sigh. What I get for being an idiot, more work. In any case, I would probably do a post about it when there is something worth photographing. One or two years, I think.

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The graft of two projects: juniper and pine

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