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The glow of autumn burns Sweetly

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… with a title like that you would think was lost in a poem by Tennyson … but I was just looking at a tree in my yard.

tend to photograph this red maple at this time of year … It was created by Anne Spencer, one of our talented artists who came to Portland several years ago. Some months before his death, was honored with a phone call from her asking if I would be the next keeper of her. Being impulsive naughty, he replied “Is that a trick question? ‘ In any case, I have had the tree for several years. Especially in autumn, when it is so beautiful memory of our dear friend Ana.

Bonsai is, in many ways, the art of change :. That constant, beautiful, haunting dance loss and also

Your tree is looking well, Anne. It has been the treasure of my yard, a trunk of memories and a quiet education. It is sweet to share your tree with other so far, and what goes beyond that. Still it found in Portland, Oregon, in the fall of 2014, living quietly in.

Anne's Red Maple

red maple Anne Spencer

Anne's Red Maple, 1991

Anne kept detailed notes of their trees, which we are fortunate to be managers call the ‘adoption papers. annual detailed notes of what he did and did not, and photographs of almost every year in the life of the tree are included. This photo was taken in 1991, a year after she bought the small seedling red maple.

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The glow of autumn burns Sweetly

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