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The future is in 0-10-10

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This is one of our big jumps down the rabbit hole … 0-10-10 fertilizer for bonsai. It has very limited uses, and yet often touted as the fertilizer for all bonsai in the fall.

0-10-10 fertilizer is mainly due to the maximization of blooms, or maybe when you plant a perennial plant, it is possible to obtain its best roots established without a growth much. For a bonsai garden with many species not present in flower, the recommendation to use only in the fall is on very shaky ground.


One of the many 0-10-10 fertilizer, they do have their uses, but not the bonsai fertilizer for fall.

The need to think how a plant works is quite common to most plants grow. We all do. Certainly, this is where it started misuse of 0-10-10 for bonsai.

0-10-10 does not have the same nitrogen (nitrogen is the first number of the three).

  • Yet each cell process, even those happening in the fall, require nitrogen.

The basic components of life are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. That’s what makes up its amino acids, which runs the ballgame. Potassium and phosphorus are needed too, but come into play later.

Fear of tender growth at the end of the year is at least one of the claims in support of the use of 0-10-10.

  • But if you have used a fertilizer with the three macronutrients constantly present throughout the growing season, while doing so in the fall will not lead to a surge of growth in the fall is susceptible to cold.

After all, nitrogen does not disappear into the landscape in the fall. The use of fertilizers cakes or something similar (approximately 5-5-5) throughout the growing season, and fall is the accepted standard in Japan bonsai professionals, and never push the growth retardation.

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So nitrogen is necessary for your plants at all stages of growth, even during the fall. Bonsai are no different from any other plant. Do not be fooled into thinking, ‘Oh God, I do not see growth occurs in the fall, so should not need nitrogen. “Everything that happens in a plant requires.

” Everything in moderation “is a good level to apply to Greek fertilization. And “everything” certainly include nitrogen.

Moreover, even moderate amounts of Twitter would kill me, so maybe the Greeks were daft after all. Oscar Wilde modified the original idea of ​​saying “Everything in moderation, including moderation ‘, which kind of gives us loose to live expansive rein, but this has nothing to do with the fertilizer and should be reserved for dancing, ridiculous dinners, movies starring Judi Dench, etc.

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The future is in 0-10-10

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