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the elm bonsai tree care

The elm bonsai tree care : how to treat it – The bonsai elm is one of the many particular species of miniature tree that characterize this type of cultivation. It is a plant in hardwood, upright style with small leaves that take on a feature available in the bush. Like any type of bonsai, the variety “elm”, requires special care and maintenance activities.

The elm bonsai tree care : Necessary

  • Make sure you have at hand: water elm bonsai pot fertilizers

The elm bonsai tree care : Step by Step

  1. 1. The elm bonsai is a plant that is suitable for both outdoor, indoor as well as those apartments. The only trick is to always guarantee him a little ‘sunshine. For good growth, we must first take care of the appearance of the branches, roots and trunk. First, it should be stated that the vessels should be wide and not too deep as the roots take advantage of its horizontal extension.
    Pay attention to the food. One of the greatest dangers facing the bonsai elm, in fact, is to dehydrate for which, however, requires frequent watering ranging performed with precise rules.
  2. Because of the particular conditions in which they live, the elm bonsai needs to constantly receive the right amount of water at certain times. While a large plant such as the elm tree, that living in nature has a chance to stretch its roots in search of the minimum amount of water, the bonsai is forced into a very small space from which to draw water. However, as long as tiny, the land surrounding it has the right amount guarantee it always available. Avoid excesses since they may cause root rot. In summer the supply of water to be constant and plentiful and should be distributed early in the morning or at sunset. The most suitable is the water left to stand the night before so as to eliminate the excess of chlorine unwelcome to the plant.
  3. The bonsai elm, being delicate, also requires a regular dose of fertilizer. You should buy those containing nitrogen that contribute to the growth of the plant reinforcing and nourishing The best time to use fertilizer is one that runs from March to October and in the specific case of the bonsai elm administration should be split into two times a week for the first month and then once a week until the month of September. Finally, please note a periodic pruning of leaves and twigs sticking out that will make the plant both beautiful and healthy…
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The elm bonsai tree: how to treat it

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