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The difference between Yamadori and Pot-Grown: Part III

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What is a Yamadori bonsai? What is a bonsai pot-grown? Here are some simple definitions:

  • Yamadori Bonsai from a tree largest collection
  • pot-grown grown as Bonsai his whole life

a Yamadori was crafted for a long time by the elements, by its location in nature. These birthmarks are what make them so extra special when we do bonsai of them. A pot-grown tree, however, has been crafted by hand since its inception. Old trees grown pot tend to have clear evidence of style options dating way back to its beginnings as a young plant, partially obscured by time in a pot.

Why are these distinctions important? Besides being able to distinguish one from the other, why should we care? It is simply a labeling system. Nothing else.

or is there anything else?


If you take a minute, you may notice that these two types of bonsai actually feel different. Or rather, it feels different standing in front of them.

On the one hand, a knotty pine that is harvested from a distant mountain. In the next bank, a stately maple created by a layer of air for many years. What does the pine make you feel? What about maple?

A collected pine might make us feel calm or stimulated, and the majestic maple or capricious, but these are specific to the style. Specific to the individual tree. What about the way they were? So it is more important than we tend to acknowledge.

If you are quiet and take a minute to ask, you may notice a similar thread of feeling when you stand in front of all yamadoris, and a different thread of feeling when he stands in front of his entire pot homegrown trees. I think it is as follows:

  • That bonsai made from a Yamadori connects us with nature
  • And a bonsai pot harvest connects to another person
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and it is curious, is it not, that everyone is still the middle of a tree, but one speaks with the voice of nature, and the other the voice of the community. Both beautiful. Both you needed.

(This is the third of a series that, like my father dryly points out, does not have to be a series that there is no connection between them whatsoever You might also like :. Hook to hang Hat on: Part I, and the view of the Blind Mind: Part II)

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The difference between Yamadori and Pot-Grown: Part III

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