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The development of formal upright Cryptomeria ago

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Four years have done a few cryptomeria of the air layer (see “Cryptomeria air layer” and “Cryptomeria air layer” ). I worked little on trees in the intervening years and only began early this summer styling. As the objective is to make formal upright bonsai, it is important to ensure that the trunks are straight. I began by thinning trees. I took multiple branches arising from the same point and branches growing downward. Not all branches remain in the final design, but there is no rush to remove them while the trees are so young.


Cryptomeria of the air layer

Cryptomeria - after cutback

After thinning of branches

When viewed from the front, the trunk opens directly. It’s a different story when viewed from the side.

Rebar in place

from the

Then I said trunk rebar wire. Small blocks used to maintain uniform spacing between the bar and the trunk.

Securing the trunk to the rebar

Securing the trunk of the rebar

Securing the trunk to the rebar

Securing the base of the trunk

in places where the trunk bent away from the bar, no block is needed.

Securing the trunk to the rebar

This part of the trunk WARPED – no block is needed here

Regarding the summit, a good approach to development Taper Cryptomeria is periodically replaced at the apex with a side branch. As this tree is very thin I do not expect much Taper, but it will be good for the upper body to be narrower than the base.

Candidate for new apex

Candidate apex

After identifying a good side branch telegraphed the apex sideways. Doing so in the right place will position the new vertex directly in line with the rest of the trunk. I can use the old apex as a side branch in the future or eliminate it altogether -. Both approaches work

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After wiring down the apex

After wiring the old vertex to the side

After securing the trunk of the rebar, which adds wires to some of the longest branches.

Wiring complete

After wiring – a branch long key points to the left

Side view

from the

I will leave the rebar in place until the trunk can hold a straight line. This may take a couple of years. If the trunk is still not straight when the rod out, you can always rewire instead.

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The development of formal upright Cryptomeria ago

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