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The choice of branches Flow –

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Flow. In bonsái we need, and we need it early. We have to decide “Right” or “Left” in the beginning, when the development of our trees, or could land a real beauty brine. The flow is the direction of the asymmetry of the trees moving, and is essential when it comes to linking to other elements bonsai future, not only on the screen, but the interrelationships in their banks or messages, too.

This white pine had a lower very long branches, so the first part of this adventure was removing them, so that the most promising smaller upper branches could be used in the new design.


Our white pine with some very long branches that need to be addressed. The two main problems were the lowest branch on the front, which protrudes far enough miserably in our snoot, and also comes directly from the front of the trunk, so there was no question of simply moving aside. The other is the long straight on the left. If we imagine that they have gone, leaving us with a very nice flow …


From remove offices-


Almost finished pruning, just gently moving branches to see how they look in their future positions. During flexion at this point it is not a great idea, though.


Pine after pruning branches and thinning of the densest areas. The two branches of the right are much smaller than cut, and finally, the one at the front (hopefully) be a solid fundamental branch. The bottom is longer and is actually a branch again. So it will take some years to develop a compelling, full, primary branch.

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After wiring and configuration. This variety of Japanese White Pine branches very quickly, so in about a year we will see significant volume growth. I put the buds to be more open to allow this forecasted growth. The flow is clockwise. Apex slightly left for some drama. Good boat provided by the Maestro Mateo Carrete. Pino originating in Japan. Plywood Home Depot. Miller Paint. Hazy, ‘shadowless’ Photo courtesy of time our lovingly humid climate of Oregon …

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The choice of branches Flow –

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