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The best plants for a Bonsai – For planting a Bonsai succeed, you need to consider many factors due to its delicate maintenance. Among the key choices for the care of this species bonsai tree or plant you intend to grow.

best plant for bonsai

Almost all types of tree and shrub can be used to make a bonsai; however, the best candidates are those with small leaves and small stems and must be naturally dense and compact. These features are important to create a better illusion of scale; we know that the aim of bonsai is to simulate a natural environment in miniature. This type of plant converts the proportional bonsai, giving the feeling of actually being a tree, with all its peculiarities.

The format of the trunk and stems of bonsai can be modeled by placing wires, held for 1 year or more, until the bonsai has stabilized and reached the desired format.

The plants most suitable to start in the world of bonsai are ficus, Azaleas, Japanese pine, mini pomegranate, common boxwood.

In the first bonsai, the best advice is to use fast growing plants like succulents in containers, so you’ll see faster results from your efforts. Growing a bonsai can take years to reach the desired look.

You can plant your bonsai from seeds, but it is more advisable to buy an outbreak now grown into a reliable store.

The best bud bonsai should be about 15-20 inches tall, with strong and relatively thick trunk. Look for signs of disease or damage to the trunk of the plant. It is Prevents plants with branches at the base as they are more difficult to drive.

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The best plants for a Bonsai

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