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The artisans Cup retrospective

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Last week, the artisans Copa launched a new retrospective exhibition – a multimedia website that allows visitors to take a closer look at the bonsai displayed and hear, in the words of the judges, which makes special every composition


the artisans Cup

the retrospective is available for a membership $ 65 on the website of the Cup. membership includes access to photos and reviews audio of the 71 trees on the screen, and video roundtables featuring the judges, the creative team, and Neils .

I have enjoyed temporary access to the site for review purposes. Getting started was easy because once you login was conducted, retrospective simply presented on the screen. Homepage – itself a visual index of exposure and useful navigation tool – is very well distributed. thumbnails of all trees display are arranged in a grid with quotes and links to external video content inserted everywhere.

A small section of the page members

click on any tree takes a photo of the selected tree display information catalog including the variety of tree, making the pot and standing, as well as statements of owner, when present.

page tree

display shows – stunning white pine Southwestern Greg Brenden

Clicking the image reveals a larger version of the screen for a closer inspection. And just below the catalog information it is the highlight of the retrospective -. The criticisms of the judges

Navigation criticism of judges

While I found it fun to move and zoom in trees I appreciated in the event, the real kick fun when fired me up to criticism. I can not still believe that each of the five judges – Colin Lewis, Boon Manakitivipart, Peter Warren, Walter Pall and David DeGroot – successfully completed. 1 to 5 minute review of each tree in the exhibition

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I love the criticism of exhibitions, but can not say how impressed I am in the good work of noncritical judges of 71 trees in a row.

Spoiler alert: you will hear the judges use the word “Powerful” a lot. This, of course, speaks to the quality of trees which makes the predilections of judges. The frankness with which the judges evaluated the trees easy listening ago, and scores of judges, which are not available in hindsight site are still available to the public in a different part of the site (see “Here are the results! “).

In addition to the trees themselves, panels merit much attention. I was only able to catch one of the three live in the event so it was nice to come back and catch up on missed sessions. I’d recommend ‘panel for anyone interested in the subject of the evaluation of bonsai, and I would recommend creative panel of judges for those who are interested in learning more about what happened in an exhibition this magnitude. It’s also fun to hear people do not think of bonsai art bonsai.

My favorite panel functions Chelsea Ryan and Neil. Neil talk on a variety of topics of personal road to the Cup, the rules in bonsai and where the Cup could go from here.

The end result:

Who is online retrospective: Anyone wanting to view photos and listen to criticism of trees exhibit space. He is not interested in the (English only) criticism? Perhaps the book is a better choice. Criticism come, stay for the panels.

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Who hindsight online is not for: Anyone looking bonsai how to do not find it here. Instead they will find very good examples of different varieties of bonsai and hear how prominent judges think of them.

Is it worth $ 65? Only you can answer that. If you want a line window for display and think it will really listen to a number of critical and / or panels, then definitely, yes. If $ 65 is a non-trivial amount of money, ask a friend to splurge for it.

More information on the artisans website Cup.

Glancing more closely winner of juniper Rocky Mountains Randy Caballero

the Craftsmen Cup: Behind the scenes video

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The artisans Cup retrospective

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