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The artisans Cup postponed until September 2015 –

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This is a guest post by Ryan Neil. I am in full support of his words here:

In the last fourteen months of research and planning for the potential of the artisans Cup has been a driving force in our bonsai community to grow and improve the level of our trees. The enthusiastic response from around the world of Western bonsai fed our ambition and helped shape and even evolve concept of the team’s chances craftsmen Cup for a program of this type. The project was daunting from the beginning, but we’ve grown all just learning what it takes to put on an event of this scope and size, and stay true to our vision of bringing bonsai to light in a prime location as the Portland Art Museum.

We are truly grateful for the enthusiasm of the community and the promotion of bonsai all that have occurred in the last 14 months. And throughout the process and the many challenges that we have encountered along the way, I am more motivated than ever for this exhibition. I think I’ve been able to convey so many people around the country and the world that the artisans Cup has the ability to expand awareness and the level of bonsai in North America to reach a new public until now used to experiencing sculpture living in the context of the art museum. Bonsai should be recognized as a form of vibrant art and affirm life, rich in tradition, but provocative and relevant to our contemporary culture.

However, despite my best efforts to build a critical mass of support to move forward our program, the state of the economy and time for a show that is still early. It is clear that the craftsmen Cup needs more time to build momentum and support in the Pacific Northwest, as well as to raise the necessary funds within the bonsai community to make the show possible.

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For once in my life I am realizing the truth behind work smarter, not just harder. I see that I need time to get more support. As a result, we have taken the decision to postpone the artisans Cup until 26 September [ ap -28 ap , 2015.

Why delay the show , you ask? The overwhelming response to our proposal from the Portland business community has been very positive. Likewise the bonsai community has expressed their enthusiasm and anticipation for the event. However, due to continuing uncertainties of where our economy will be even six months from now, most companies can not afford to commit funds at this point in time. We have also had to face a limited response bonsai community in North America in the form of financial assistance. We need your help!

Why 2015? It’s no secret the artisans Cup will be one of two major programs in North America, the other is the National Exhibition in Rochester, New York. Through joint collaboration between the two exposures are expected to be prominent for the highest level of achievement bonsai and presentation places across the country. In order to fulfill our commitment and relationship with the National Exhibition, Cup Craftsmen will skip the 2014 season and come back stronger than ever in 2015.

What happens now? We continue pushing forward with our knowledge and experience newly acquired. The learning curve was very steep to establish a sample of this size and have come surprisingly much in a short period of time. However, there are more improvements to be made to give full justice to the concept we have planned. We have an opportunity to do this the right way and all the craftsmen Cup team is fully committed to ensure that the product we deliver to the public on such a large scale does justice to bonsai as an art.

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What can you do? LOTS !!!

  1. Done! As I mentioned before, we need your help! We have a growing community strong, healthy, bonsai in North America and this is an opportunity to take a role in the advancement of our art form step. Help us make this happen. There is a button “donate” in the artisans Cup website (, or you can send a check to the Artisans Cup (PO Box 1121, St. Helens, OR 97051). For all the benefits of donation, please refer to the website!
  2. Improve your bonsai and continue building the best tree to show possible. There are so many talented instructors who teach in North America, and so many resources to the material world class truly is time to make the commitment, take the plunge, and seize the opportunity. If you will not be ready to show a tree in 2013, now is your chance to get a tree ready for Artisans Cup 2015!

The artisans Cup is scheduled for September 26 [of ap -28 ap , 2015. We will all take this opportunity to use the momentum we have acquired and the experience we have accumulated take ourselves and our trees a step in preparing for an even more robust display of bonsai. We need your help, we need your trees, and we need your contributions! Together we will make this show happen!

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The artisans Cup postponed until September 2015 –

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