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Today, the mixture of cultures and ways of adapting to each other is a feature that occurs in our globalized world. A sample of this, and to which we will refer it to an art form involving plants. This art to which we refer is the Bonsai. Bonsai is a Chinese word, like the origin of this type of work with plants, drifts Bon, which means tray and Sai, meaning nature. He was taken to Japan by Buddhist, making it a life philosophy.

the art of growing bonsai

The bonsai is to reduce the size of the trees by pruning techniques, wiring, etc. and all this to give shape and meaning to the tree. This type of art began implementing thousands of years, to give to the Taoist monks as an offering, as they accounted for eternity, and the tree meant a connection between heaven and earth; and for year’s only nobles and high society people had access to this type of art.

The art of bonsai can be applied to all kinds of trees, but generally, who are responsible for developing and putting into practice this art, look for trees that are more resistant to all pruning and cutting techniques to more trunks and branches adequate to maintain the small size of the trees. This method cannot be applied lightly, since those who do not have the skills to perform such work can eventually kill the tree. For the cultivation of bonsai, we recommend you do on the outside, warm weather seasons and in times of extreme cold, protect them with artificial light in order to apply the necessary heat.

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There are two types of bonsai, those that can be grown indoors, and those that can be grown outside as before we have named. Those that can be grown indoors, are the trees that come from warmer climates and temperatures usually hover around our homes are ideal for growing bonsai trees such. And the outdoor bonsai are those which come from warmer climates, but any kind of weather.

Techniques of Bonsai

To apply the techniques of bonsai, we must pay close attention to the type of tree that we use to make bonsai, and add features that climate, irrigation and temperatures they need. To maintain a good bonsai, you must take certain measures. With regard to irrigation, if we see signs that the surface begins to dry, we apply the necessary amount of water to drain through the holes in the pot. Generally usually dry just temperatures begin to rise, so we have to be very careful at this time of year. If we notice that water does not penetrate into the soil of the pot, it should be immersed in water for a few minutes so that the water can penetrate and hydrate bonsai.

This method should only be used if the tree and finds a worrying state. However at the time of our small tree pruning, we consider certain measures and recommendations. First, there are two types of pruning for bonsai, the first is maintenance and the second is called drastic or training. Pruning maintenance is one that we slowly and carefully, to get into the shape you want to give the bonsai. This is done by removing the leaves that are in worse condition or removing those that are more superficial. On the contrary or drastic pruning is that it is made from the outset to shape it will start taking. Deep cuts are made in the tree and its trunk to accommodate your body type to give you the image you want.

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the art of growing bonsaiTransplantation of such trees should be done when the land is no longer able to provide the necessary nutrients. This usually occurs after 2 or 3 years since this with that land. To transplant the bonsai should be done in spring time, since it is the season in which the tree is more vitality. To this must be removed from the roots, and carefully to avoid damaging them.

An aggregate that can be done to bonsai, which is generally used is the application of moss, so you have the possibility to retain moisture for longer, especially in times of high temperatures. Bonsai can be classified according to size and style.

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The art of growing bonsai

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