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Tar and feathering? Changing a famous juniper …

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No matter how sure you are changing the design of a famous tree is made with a deep breath. One takes precautions. As tables on windows and doors, in the premonition of a noisy band of maniacs trees in green robes with picks and axes and rolls of wire for who knows how horrible use, on the street outside his house. And thought imagines, while standing quietly watching the growing chaos and fire red torch, with songs like “Let’s redesign! ‘What a life free of bonsai in Acapulco sounds good. But at this point it is too late. the thing is done. My only advantage is that few of you know where I live …

Many of you will remember this foemina juniper antique photo shows bonsai California, or Bonsai magazine Statements even last year. It has a history of thirty years as a bonsai, created in California by the eminent Shig Miya a layer of air. Mr. Miya grafted the only branch at the top of the tree.

the decision on this aesthetic change for Mr. Miya tree was derived from a simple conversation about his chances with my client, who had bought the tree several years ago. the two were willing to try a new way. my client is very interested in the preservation of old bonsai created in the United States, but also likes adding new twists to old things. I think bonsai develop an indefinable flavor when they have been worked by various artists.

I am not an advocate of keeping bonsai, as they are, indefinitely, in perpetuity, as a creative way or idea that was locked in place by the first artist. BONSAI Bonsai is precisely because many people, hopefully, give their artistic stamp to it, and changing bonsai and change over the decades. This is what makes a different bonsai of a novel or a painting. I know this is a matter of some contention in particular in public bonsai collections, which, understandably, an effort is made to keep bonsai in sight as they did when I donated. This presents great difficulties, however. I think that if a bonsai were, to use an extreme example, lose an important branch, and then have to remain locked in its oldest form, although it would allow fall back into bad bonsai visual balance is lost. And change bonsai without asking our approval, too.

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I think that the only rule is to be continually trying to find the balance within the tree, within the design. And the sense of balance in the world will naturally be a little different.

The foemina juniper in September / October 2010 Home United Bonsai.

Photo foemina juniper program a few years ago, in the original design.

current design, the fall of 2011. The lower right-jin can be shortened in the future. My feeling was the apex should be less than the upper trunk and the branch cascade was too long. I hoped that these changes could highlight the enormous trunk, straight. And I wanted to see greater integration of foliage and trunk, which looked more like a unit. It takes perhaps a little more growth to complete that last goal. Please comment freely and honestly!

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Tar and feathering? Changing a famous juniper …

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