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The 2011 Asia Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention and Exhibition and was held in Takamatsu, Kagawa, on Shikoku. Takamatsu is a good tourist destination. It is in the Seto Inland Sea and is close to some of the biggest reasons growing bonsai in Japan. At night, a giant maze of pedestrian areas interior offers plenty of entertainment.

Just opposite the hotel where the convention was held, is Tamamo Park, home to the remains of the castle of Takamatsu. The castle, one of the three mizujiro, or “castles in the sea” in Japan, began in 1587. Since 1955 has been opened as a public park and recognized as a national historic site (brochure Park).

The tallest structure in the park, Tsukimiyagura Torreta, is an observation of three floors built above the wall along the pit in the northeast corner of the park.

Tsukimiyagura Turret

Looking up at Tsukimiyagura Torreta

Inland Sea

The northern view – Seto Inland Sea

Tamamo Park

Some of the pines of the park

View from Tsukimiyagura Turret

the view south from Tsukimiyagura Torreta

up and down from the upstairs involved steep stairs supported by some creative wood joinery.

Wood joinery

extension Message

The park is well kept -. I can not imagine the effort required to keep many large trees in such a nice way

Tamamo Park

Torre Symbol and Clemente hotel rising behind trees and shrubs well trimmed-de Tamamo

the main building of the park is the Hiunkaku, built in 1917. inside, several outstanding bonsai were on display, but no photos were allowed.



Just outside the Hiunkaku was the Garden Naienoniwa. It is also dates from 1917, although the pines that abound in this part of the park were planted a little later by the Emperor and Empress Showa Period.

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Naienoniwa Garden

Lantern in Naienoniwa Garden

Sago palm

sago palms




pine Black

Tamamo Park

More pines

Tamamo Park


a series of small details gave the park its charm, from patches of moss ferns shadow struggle to survive along the eaves of the roof tiles. It was, in short, a very comfortable place to visit.


Pigeon rolling through Moss


More Moss

Ferns growing on rooftop


Pine bark

pine bark – same color as the stone walls surrounding the park

Old castle walls

Wall old castle


Walls and moat

Tamamo Park

Walking through the pines

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Tamamo Park

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